The mistake that 90% of people make when speaking in public.

I like to do this exercise every time I hear someone speaking in public,
(and I encourage you to do the same)

The exercise is following.

Paying attention to the first words that the speaker will say.

I can bet with you, that in 90% of the cases,
the speaker will use one of these three:
✓okay, so

And that’s exactly,
what you should NOT do when starting to your speech.

take the risk and do something different.

As the saying goes:
“you can only make a first impression once”

Few alternatives that you can consider when opening your speech.

Tell a story.
Ask a question.
Use a joke.

Any of those three
would have a much more powerful impact than just starting with a boring okay,so.

And you,
how do you like to open your speech?

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